Photo Philanthropy + Activist Award

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Peace Rally | Union Square, NYC | October 7, 2001 | Photographer Lorna Tychostup

Photography driven by social change. Social change driven by photography.

This is a great organization to help photographers be able to connect with people all over the world and document stories of the people. It is interesting to see how the organization connect viewers to see different photographers’ work and see the stories of different people. The organization not only help professional photographers, but as well as amateurs and students. There are many inspirational stories and photographs that you don’t see everyday.

Change the Truth—Uganda | By Gloria Baker Feinstein for Change the Truth

Photo Philanthropy’s Activist Award

Activist award Submission Open through October 1st!

PhotoPhilanthrophy believes in the power of photography to inspire hope and understanding and to connect people around the world.
Submitted photos must depict the work of a charitable organization (designated by 501c3 in the US, or international equivalent) and be presented as a photo essay. All photographs in the essay must have been taken within the last 3 years.

click here to submit your work, and remember to let us know if you won so we could congratulate you and publish your socially aware artworks right here!

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Dictatorship Spot | Mati Shemoelof

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Born in another time / Mati Shemoelof

Murderous dictatorship
Drowning me
that does not informed on the birth forecasts

And nobody will save you on the new race coast
so I’m running to your static past
but there I discover dynamic dictator
Generals sits in the pit along with the political language

And who will save the theological poetry
Here come the prophetic gangs of racist letters
Praying for the aid of our corpses

Mati Shemoelof – Israeli poet, editor, journalist and activist. Much of Shemoelof’s literary work and activism deals with issues of ethnicity and class among Mizrahi Jews in Israel.

Mati’s Blog

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