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Guest Post by: Tom Eshchar

Tom and Alizarin are a couple of young creative creatures that are now enjoying their honeymoon in a world wide road trip. Fortunately for us, they share beautiful pictures and fascinating stories about their adventures around the world in a great blog called

Will you do things differently if you thought nobody was judging you? Would that thing be better that way?

Recently we added our photos to another photographer’s web site.  We added a photo in which we are standing naked in front of the “Rabbanut” which is the judicial council for religious matters for Jewish people in the state of Israel.  It was suppose to be our wedding photo, and we were trying to say that although according to the law we have to sign in there, we kindly refuse. We wanted to tell the world that we don’t agree with the convention of living together as “balls and chains” but rather as a joined adventure.  We decided to share our belief of love as an added flavor and not having to ask anyone to validate this for us, especially if that person knows nothing of what we want out of this life and love.

In our art (Tom’s photos, Alizarin photos, writing and design) we sometimes say things that matters to us. Every now and then we create in a way that we produce something that is not just pretty. There is a risk in that. In this television controlled, fast and many stimuli world, a saying is often faced with puzzled, sometimes empty looks.  Better yet are the post modern ideas in which anything is possible and the truth is as elusive as politicians.  Still, we enjoy on occasion the thrill of juggling the truth as we see it.

Recently, we had an interesting nude project. I’m not writing “photography project” because it felt more than that.  We asked regular people, not models, to participate. We wanted to create art that also changes the life of its models. As an experience, it was very exciting for all sides. We had 35 people stripping within three months. All amateurs. 4 of them couples. They all said after that besides the beautiful outcome, they feel they’ve been through an interesting experience that made them think and feel different things about their body and of nudity.

Why nude? I feel as if sex, and the human body is one of the relics of thought of the old dark ages.  Along with human rights, and freedom, this was repressed and restrained by the religious institutes.  Now is the time of self reliance, self conscious and human morality. Art is just the way to promote this. To show the world how beautiful it can look.

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Multi-Media Artist Sama Alshaibi

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Sama Alshaibi is born in Iraq to an Iraqi father and Palestine mother. She is now an American citizen living in the States and teaching in post secondary institution. She is a multi-media artist who produces photographs and video art. Alshaibis’ art is strikingly powerful with its silent grab on the viewers’ attention with stories about suffer and the displacement of loss.

Alshaibi often uses her own body as both a protagonist and a site, linking struggles and the way that nations have affected and twisted lives in bodily performances. Her auto-ethnographic approach is informed by her own history of living in war, the double negation to her familial homelands and her countless encounters with those policing borders from the undesired. I admire her art and courage to render the history and the current affairs that is heavily looked at today. Her photographic and cinematic skills are full of stories behind them. It was very difficult to choose just a few images to represent her work, which is very aesthetic, powerful and diverse. Check out her website, it is a little old fashion (flash and pop-ups) but it does compliment her artworks.

Sama Alshaibis’ website

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Social Chutzpa (Nerves) For The Brave – Religion

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All of us have some opinion about religion, whether you believe in it or not, or whether you take it for granted or just don’t think of it too often. Religion is usually considered a sensitive subject when it is being discussed publicly and examined from a critical point of view. Some of you may not agree with the artworks that this post present, some of you might find them rude and disturbing. A few may be insulted. None of it aim to disrespect you or your beliefs. It was made to express the artist’s feeling towards religions’ consequences.

Nuns with Guns, not the band, not nor movie, Fine Political Art.

political-art Posted by PUPPETGOV

political-art Posted by PUPPETGOV

Religions has sure changed a lot in the past few decades, and so has their grab on peoples minds. To my opinion, in 2010, we no longer need religions. Religions lost their function. If ages ago religions used to be what kept societies together, today it keep us apart. Organized Religions become increasingly more violent and undermine democratic law by inventing their own demented laws like the Jewish Halacha or Islamic Fatawa. If the artworks in this post does not convince you, just take a look at these blogs authored by “Honest-To-God-Catholic-Nuns”, I promise you that you will laugh hard and long :-) The Adventures of “One Fun Nun” Hell Burns Happy Nun Thinks Aloud

Below is the “uncensored version” of the beautiful painting “Ms. July” from the series of painting “Islamic Calendar Girl” by Iranian-born California Artist Makan (Max) Emadi. His work is very appealing and packed with symbolism. Read Max Emadi’s own omments on his Islamic Erotica series on his website which I strongly recommend you to check out. The link is at the bottom of the post.

"Islamic Calendar Girl" by Max Emadi

"Islamic Calendar Girl" by Max Emadi

Ms. July

Ms. July lays back on a sheet in the color of Islamic green. Her black robe appears to be the equivalent of a mini-skirt and is hitched high to show her long slender legs. Red stiletto shoes are a complement to the green of the sheet.

"Ms September" Iranian Woman Painting by Max Emadi

"Ms September" Iranian Woman Painting by Max Emadi

Ms. September

Ms. September winks at us while holding cards in her hands that count to 9/11.

Oreet Ashery’s controversial gender-bending photo of a breast-holding Hasid.

Oreet Ashery is the British-Israeli multi-media artist behind the most overtly political image of a shot of herself dressed as Hasidic man looking down at her obviously female breast.

By dressing in the traditional garb of Orthodox men, Ashery said she is challenging that community’s strict gender codes and encouraging “dialogue”. What do you think? it’s it briliant feminist art or unnecessary propaganda?

Oreet Ashery - breast-holding Hasid

Oreet Ashery - breast-holding Hasid

I hope you enjoyed these artworks for what they are and appreciate the spirits of these artists who dared to express publicly feelings and ideas that perhaps many others feel but avoid touching.
Please comment and share your opinions and views with us.

Links and Sources

Grenades from pic of the day @

Armed Nuns from pic of the day @

Artist Makan (Max) Emadiwebsite

Artist Oreet Asherywebsite

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